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Hey, Just thought I'd introduce myself!

My names Dibbzy, and I'm 18...I live outside of Sydney but I try and commute as much as possible into the city to go clubbing. Listening to music keeps me happy. I don't just enjoy one single genre of music...I enjoy them all....so you will see me at Raves specialising in Trance, NRG, House and Beats....I've even enjoyed a few alternative and metal concerts (I love Silverchair to death).

I love the Ministry of Sound collection each new release never ceases to amaze me. John Course and Mark Dynamix are my GODS. I also love Armand van Helden, Eric Prydz, Kid Kenobi, Sash!, and even some of the DJ's which had big hits in the 90's such as DJ Hush ('Meet her at the Love Parade') and Jason Nevins ('It's like that').

Anyone else in this community located in the Mid North Coast region of NSW, Australia?

I will part by once again saying hey!
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